TRS to TRRS adapter cable – for use with Crystal Clip™ and other TRRS microphones and headsets.


TRRS to TRS extension cable – with female 4-Pole TRRS to male 3-Pole TRS connection.

  • Convert CTIA TRRS microphone connection for use with TRS microphone inputs
  • Useful when you want to plug a lavalier microphone into your computer or other device that only accepts a 3.5mm TRS microphone connection.
  • Designed to work seamlessly with Crystal Clip TRRS microphone. But can also be used to extend many other TRRS microphones devices such as Apple headsets and TRRS lavalier microphones etc






Model BA-CC03
Name TRRS to TRS Adapter Cable
Gold Plated Yes
Connection TRRS (4-pole) female to TRS (3-pole) male


The Be Audio™ BA-CC03 3.5mm TRRS to TRS adapter cable is designed for use the Be Audio™ Crystal Clip™ TRRS high performance clip-on microphone.

It can also be used with most other TRRS microphones that require a TRRS (Tip, ring, ring, sleeve) connection to be converted to TRS (Tip, ring, sleeve) microphone input connection.

Simply plug the male 3.5mm TRRS connector of your microphone into the female adapter socket, then plug the male TRS adapter connector into your device.

Useful in situations where you want to plug a TRRS microphone into a TRS connection, such as those found on PC’s and laptops with separate headphone and microphone sockets, voice recorders, DSLR cameras etc.

Package Content:

– 1 x 3.5mm adapter cable – Female TRRS (4-Pole) connection to TRS (3-pole) connection