TRRS to TRRS extension cable – for use with Crystal Clip™ and other TRRS microphones and headsets.  Length 2m.

TRRS to TRRS extension cable – with male 4-Pole TRRS to female 4-Pole TRRS connection.


  • Extend your TRRS headset or microphone cable by up to 2 meters.
  • Useful when you want to plug a lavalier microphone into your computer or tablet to record a podcast, but don’t want to sit up close to your device.
  • Designed to work seamlessly use with Crystal Clip TRRS microphone. But can also be used to extend many other TRRS devices such as Apple headsets (or many other devices with a 3.5mm CTIA/TRRS connection).






Model BA-CC02
Name TRRS Extension Cable
Length 2m (6ft)
Gold Plated Yes
Connection TRRS Female to TRRS male


The Be Audio™ BA-CC02 TRRS to TRRS extension cable is a 3.5mm 6ft (2m) TRRS (Tip, ring, ring, sleeve) extension cable designed for use the Be Audio™ Crystal Clip™ TRRS high performance clip-on microphone.

It can also be used with most other TRRS microphones and headsets that require a TRRS connection.

Simply plug your male 3.5mm TRRS connector of your headset or microphone into the female extension socket, then plug the male extension connector into your smartphone or tablet.

Useful in situations where you need to add some length to a microphone cable.  Designed for use with Crystal Clip TRRS microphone, but can also be used with many other TRRS microphones and headsets, because of the standard TRRS to TRRS terminal design.

Package content:

– 1 x 3.5mm 2m (6ft) extension cable with male and female TRRS (4-Pole) connections